Would you like to learn Portuguese but you don’t know where?

If you live in Lagos or if you’re here for your holidays, learning Portuguese could be a very interesting thing to do. Tradutex offers you a perfect room, in a very quiet place, parking at the door and with enough space to bring your friends to learn with you in perfect conditions and better prices. All learning materials are included.
But, if you’re not in Lagos and you still want to learn Portuguese, don’t worry, because we can also do it online. Lessons online work perfectly and they are an excellent alternative, if you don’t have a European Portuguese teacher close to you or if you just want to save time (and gas!), as you don’t have to travel to get to your Portuguese lesson.
The first lesson is very important to confirm the student’s goals. To learn Portuguese, as any other language, we have to consider vocabulary, grammar, writing, and of course, conversation. We have to speak, understand, and be able to read and write. It’s important to find a balance, but, of course, we can focus our lessons more on speaking rather than writing, or the other way around. In other words, we don’t have to follow a strict method because the focus is on each individual student.
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Helena Rocha

I have a university degree in Portuguese and French studies (Faculdade de Letras da Universidade de Lisboa) and I took DELE SUPERIOR, from Instituto Cervantes in Spanish. I have been teaching Portuguese for foreigners, French and Spanish since 2002.