A Passagem de Ano (New year’s eve)

The 31st december (31 de dezembro) we celebrate an important date and, generally, we throw a big party (uma grande festa) with our friends and/or family. In Portuguese we call “Passagem de Ano” or we use the French expression “Réveillon” to this party.

We can spend this night at home (em casa), sometimes people rent a house (alugam uma casa) to this occasion or they prefer to go out for dinner (jantar fora) and go to a bar or a disco (bar ou discoteca). Sometimes there are fireworks (fogos de artifícios), concerts (concertos) and the party is in the street (na rua) or in the beach (na praia), it depends. At midnight (À meia-noite), Portuguese people generally eat twelve raisins (doze passas) one for each of the twelve chimes (doze badaladas) of a clock’s bell during the midnight countdown (contagem decrescente para a meia-noite), while making a wish (pedem um desejo) with each one. They also drink champagne (bebem champagne) , make toasts (fazem brindes) and everyone kiss (beijam) and hug (abraçam) wishing a happy near year to everyone (desejando um feliz ano novo a todos).

FELIZ ANO ANO! FELIZ 2013 (dois mil e treze)

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