Giro? A word you must know!

What if you learn a word in Portuguese that you can use for pretty much everything?  Imagine how easy it would be if you have one word for “excellent”, “pretty”, “handsome”, “nice”, “fine”, “beautiful”, “cute”, “interesting”, “funny”!… A word that you can apply to a film, a book, a person, a pet, a joke, a city, a country, a music, a painting, a house, a beach… That word, in Portuguese is “giro”. “Giro”, not the present form of the verb “girar” (to spin), but the adjective. So, if you want say a nice thing about something, but you don’t know what to say, you can always use the word “giro”.

Remember : “giro” is a regular adjective, so you have to change it depending on the next word. Always pay attention to masculine / feminine and singular / plural in Portuguese!

–          Este filme é giro!  (This film is interesting / funny!)

–          Essa rapariga é muito gira! (That girl is very pretty / handsome!)

–          Estes gatinhos são tão giros! (These kitties are so cute!)

–          Estas casas são muito giras! (These houses are very nice / fine houses!).

É giro, não é? 

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