Hello /Goodbye (Olá / Adeus)

Let’s talk about the basics! If you want to learn a new language, you must start with simple things like hello or goodbye. Do you already know how to use this kind of expressions in Portuguese?

Let’s make a revision!

Cumprimentar / To say hello

Olá – Hello

Bom dia – Good morning (use this one until noon)

Boa tarde – Good afternoon

Boa noite – Good evening or Good night (in Portuguese, when it becomes to get dark we start to say Boa noite)


–      Como está? – How do you do?

–      Estou bem, obrigado(a).  – I’m fine, thanks

–      E você? – And you?

–      Também, obrigado(a) – I’m fine too, thank you


–      Tudo bem? – How’s it going?

–      Tudo bem, obrigado(a). – Fine, thanks.

 DESPEDIR-SE – To say goodbye

–      Adeus – Goodbye

–      Tchau – ciao

–      Até logo – See you later

–      Até já – See you later

–      Até amanhã – See you tomorrow

–      Até segunda / terça / quarta / quinta / sexta / sábado / domingo – See you next Monday / Tuesday / Wednesday / Thursday /Friday / Saturday / Sunday

–      Até para a semana  – See you next week

–      Bom fim-de-semana – Have a nice weekend

So… Até amanhã!

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