Let’s go shopping? (Vamos às compras?)

It’s Christmas time (É Natal) and even if we don’t want to, we have to buy Christmas presents (presentes de Natal). If you have to buy them in Portugal, that could be a nice opportunity to learn some vocabulary about shops. Let’s make a quick list to help you:

 Lojas – Shops

Centro Comercial – Shopping Centre

Livraria – Bookstore

Sapataria – Shoe Shop

Loja de roupa – Clothing Store

Loja de brinquedos – Toy Store

Pastelaria – Cake Shop

Papelaria – Stationery

Supermercado – Supermarket

Padaria – Bakery

Loja de informática – Computer shop

Loja de animais – Pet store

 Now you can try to make your Christmas list with some Portuguese in it! Boas Compras! (Nice Shopping!)


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