Let’s play!

We know that to play is a verb with many meanings depending on the context. In Portuguese, we have a different verb for each one of those contexts. Let’s have a close look to some of those contexts:

  • I play the guitar.
  • I play with my dolls.
  • I play a very important role on the company I work for.
  • I play football.
  • The actor who plays Bilbo in “The Hobbit” is very good.

So, if we translate these sentences to Portuguese, the verb to play has, at least, five different translations:

  • Eu toco guitarra.
  • Eu brinco com as minhas bonecas.
  • Eu desempenho um papel importante na empresa onde trabalho.
  • Eu jogo futebol.
  • O ator que interpreta Bilbo em “The Hobbit” é muito bom.

 To Play:

  • Tocar (to play an instrument)
  • Brincar (to play with toys, mostly what children do)
  • Desempenhar (to play a role)
  • Jogar (to play a game)
  • Interpretar (to play a character)


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