Sixth Portuguese Lesson – How to introduce a friend

By mistake, the sixth lesson was not been posted before the seventh lesson. Sorry!

Our sixth Portuguese lesson – How to introduce a friend

Imagine you’re in a party with a friend. Now that you know how to introduce yourself, you need to know how to introduce your friend, or your wife or your husband…

If someone asks you about your friend:
– Como é que ele se chama? (What’s his name?) – Notice that the expression “é que” doesn’t mean anything, you can choose if you want to use it or not. “É que” it’s there just make it sound more like a question.

– Ele chama-se Pedro. (He’s Pedro.) – In the question we have “se chama”, in the answer we have “chama-se”.)

– Quem é ele? (Who is he?) – “Quem” is just one syllable, we don’t pronounce the “M”, we only have to make it nasal; it’s a very open and nasal sound.

– Ele é o meu amigo António. (He’s my friend António) – Notice that “My” means “O meu”.

– Este é o meu amigo “António” (This is my friend António).

– Muito prazer, António. (Nice to meet you, António.)

Let’s practice what we’ve just learned. Try to complete this dialogue with the given words.

prazer – bom – ele – obrigada – obrigado – amigo – senhor – está

Rita – Olá! _______________ dia!
Paulo Olá! Como _______________?
Rita – Estou bem, _______________ e o ___________ Paulo?
Paulo Também, _______________!
Rita – Quem é _______________?
Paulo É o meu _______________ João.
Rita – Olá João. Eu sou a Rita.
João – Olá Rita, muito _______________, sou o João.

Send answers to (I will respond to you all) or just wait for next week!

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